A bespoke meditative yoga studio located in the Ballard Neighborhood of Seattle.



Arcline Facade & Window Graphics

Services: Brand Identity, Interior Design, Environmental Design Industry: Retail, Hospitality


Arcline - Interior Design

Our space provides guests an opportunity to relax, engage, and disconnect from the day to day. We utilized soft lighting, warm materials, making an open space feel cozy and inviting.

Floor Detail
Arcline-Interior Design-Entryway


A custom partition was designed and fabricated to provide a screen of privacy for the guests while still providing a soft amount of natural light through the caning.

Arcline Interior

Our brand identity was developed to embody the alpha state of the meditative process in kundalini yoga.


← The arcline gate is a welcoming representation of the nature of meditative yoga. Welcoming, tranquil, and elevating.


Through the use of Holographic Foil, we bring the aura artwork into printed material and across shop collateral.

Arcline - Marketing-Poster-Brand-InteriorDesign
Business Cards