We developed the brand identity and subsequent packaging system for Firsthand Supply's relaunch into the market place.


Firsthand Supply

Firsthand Supply Wordmark Logo
Firsthand - Bottles

We produced a series of custom packaging solutions for Firsthand. All products made from recycled plastics and are intended to be re-used through their refill program...

Firsthand - Brand Mark
Firsthand - Bottle
Firsthand Supply Apron

Firsthand - Jars Detail

The screen printed text throughout the system balances the natural imperfections in the recycled plastic of the jars.

Firsthand - Jars
Firsthand - Jars 2
Firsthand Plastic Tote Bag
Firsthand Business Cards
Firsthand - Apparel, Typography

Firsthand - Sketching, Graphic Device, Handwriting

Handwriting is used throughout the brand to help convey the bespoke nature of the recipes. Crafted by the co-owner, we used Filipe's hand writing and original sketchbooks as a graphic device throughout.

Firsthand - Sticker System
Firsthand Shipping Tape Boxes
Firsthand Pin Make Stuff That Matters
Firsthand - Candle Packaging
Firsthand - Pin